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Meet Me in the Field


Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.





Every day it seems we get more polarized in our country and in our world. Everyone seems to think that their ideas are the right ones. Some go so far as to believe their way of thinking is not only right, but also righteous. A dear friend, who is a brilliant professor as well as a well-loved spiritual teacher, wondered with me one morning how we will ever have respectful, thoughtful dialogue about very tender subjects. She brought up the subject of the current spread of HIV and the unwillingness of many in various faith communities to openly discuss it because they say that they “don’t agree with that lifestyle.”  Continue reading

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Between Here and Gone

swing 2


“Now I’m just wondering how we know where we belong. Is it in a photograph, or a dashboard poet’s song? Will I have missed my chance to right some ancient wrong, should I find myself between here and gone?” (Mary Chapin Carpenter)


“Between here and gone” was the theme of our pastor’s sermon Sunday and then she sang Mary Chaplin Carpenter’s haunting and beautiful song by that title and I felt my heart open to a deeper understanding of desolation in the midst of glory. Continue reading

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A Garland of Beauty

af 2017 187


“You will be a garland of beauty in YHWH’s hands, a solemn crown worn by your God.”  (From Isaiah 62, Inclusive Bible)

Imagine, you are a garland of beauty in God’s hands, a crown worn by God. I am a garland of beauty in God’s hands, a crown worn by God. Not exactly what we usually hear, right? Especially during Lent, a time of repentance and self-examination in the Christian tradition. Isaiah, of course, doesn’t know you or me, was not writing about us, but about Israel (or Jerusalem). But if the Scripture is alive, which I’ve grown to believe it is, it is still being written in our time with new understandings that can add depth and new layers to meaning. Continue reading

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Breaking Bread


Art by Corita Kent, quote from Daniel Berrigan

Praying with my feet, as the saying goes, I will be marching with thousands of others on Saturday at the March for Social Justice and Women in Atlanta, a march that will be taking place in cities all over the world. For me, preparation usually involves reflection as well as logistics and supplies. My reflections led me back to another march. Continue reading

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Prayers from the Heart


January 20, 2017, is coming whether we want it to or not. Some of us, many of us, are dreading the day of the inauguration of a US president we thought could never get elected.  We are embarrassed or fearful or angry or all of the above. And here’s my dilemma – I am committed to a tradition that tells me to pray for our leaders. Continue reading

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Wedding Dress


Wedding Dress

I recently attended the wedding of my great-niece in Texas and understood in a deeper way that stories continue, that we are always in the midst of a story that is still being lived. On the day of the wedding, after a quick visit with my sister in her home where the lasagna for the reception was cooking, my beloved and I went back to our hotel for a quick rest.  At least I thought I was going to rest, but what happened is that this story began to insist on being written. Continue reading

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Staying on the Trail

marsh 1.1

I’ve been thinking about trails since Ellen and I took two of our grandchildren to Ring Lake Ranch in Wyoming for a week this summer. This place of “spiritual renewal in the wilderness,” which is their tagline, is crisscrossed with trails. From your cabin, you climb up or down a trail to the dining hall for each meal. If you’re so inclined, you can join other guests on a morning hike with a capable, warm and generous guide. If you’re very brave, as our grandson was, you can explore the trails on horseback. If you climb up behind the cabins, you’ll find the trail to a beautiful little outdoor chapel and down by the lake is a very special trail in the circular pattern of a labyrinth. Down below the dining hall, the trail leads you to a magical series of ancient petroglyphs. It’s all pretty wonderful. Continue reading